The brand draws inspiration from architecture, culture, nature and travel catering to glamourous young women who have an evolved and refined taste in fashion. The ones who value quality and craftsmanship use their sartorial choices to depict their personalities.

As a brand we believe in constantly reinventing ourselves based on the inspiration and theme of a collection, while staying true to our vision and aesthetics but making sure every collection has something new to offer. We try and focus on constantly developing and innovating nontraditional embroidery techniques and silhouettes to merge with traditional/classic elements to achieve the perfect balance for contemporary festive clothing.

It caters to the modern woman with a collection of garments strongly targeted towards occasion wear. However we make a conscious effort not to define and restrict our label and its creative direction under traditional barriers of Indian and western. We lay the cohesiveness of a collection on its theme inspiration and concept.We use design to break away from global and geographical barriers marrying in different cultures fashion and silhouettes in our aesthetics.


Ohaila grew up in an atmosphere of taste and classiness. She was exposed to fashion from an early age being the daughter of a designer and producer of handmade embroideries for the biggest fashion houses in New York and Europe, Her childhood was decorated with beads, threads and Swarovski…

Enchanted by this ray of fashion since her early years, Ohaila showed a great talent and interest in that line. She decided to enhance her knowledge by frequenting the reputable London college of fashion.

Coming back to her home town in India, she launched the brand Ohaila Khan, known today for its exquisite embroideries with a twist of modernism to every piece.